Custom Mickey Mouse Ears. Mickey Mouse Top Hat. Original Disneyland Hat. Mickey Mouse Ears. Custom Disney Hat.


Classic Mickey

It is a custom made 21 inch top hat with a red sash and yellow buttons. The hat is lined and professionally finished. The ears are original Disney plastic with a matching Disneyworld patch on the back.

We offer this design with Classic Black Ears, Custom Ears, or Earless!

My daughter and I wear them to the park all the time. They are not only cute but durable and comfy too! I create custom designs for all ages. Please message me with questions and or comments. Please allow two weeks for shipping

All Designs are hand made and no two are exactly alike.

Ask us about custom orders, we believe all Dizzylidz should be unique like their owners.

Check us out on instagram @dizzylidzsisters or our website

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