Mary Poppins Hat. Mary Poppins Mickey Ears. Boat Hat. Mickey Ears


*********************************PLEASE ALLOW 4-5 WEEKS TO COMPLETE THIS HANDMADE CUSTOM HAT************************************

In every job that must be done, there is an element of fun. You find the fun, and - SNAP - the job’s a game!
-Mary Poppins

This cute hat began as a custom order and like many of our designs, we got the demand to list it. This is a Mary Poppins inspired hat with elements from the classic movie. The black boat hat has a hand cut and embossed silver metal old London skyline that yep.....
LIGHTS UP! The battery pack is concealed in her limitless carpet bag that is easily opened to change the battery. There is a hand sculpted and painted parrot head handle on the handmade fabric umbrella. The carpet bag has copper hand cut and embossed Mickey that displays the quote " Mary Poppins Practically Perfect in Every Way" A pretty little spoon, lots of tiny daisies and red cherries finish the hat.

This design is 58cm and professionally finished. The ears are classic black plastic. Ask about our other patches or custom additions.

All Designs are hand made and no two are exactly alike.

Ask us about custom orders, we believe all Dizzylidz should be unique like their owners.

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